Investment Sales - Case Studies

Case Study 1


£50,000 At Auction

2 Bedroom Ground Floor Flat

£25,000 (Legal And Finance Fees Not Included)

£ 650

£7800 Over 12 Month Contract

10.5 % Approx

Two bedroom property in a good location which would suit professional market or student market. This was given to us on a full project management. There was sever damp and dry rot, and the lounge floor had caved in. New joists and flooring, new walls where built in the bathroom and a new bathroom fitted, new plastering through out, new kitchen fitted , interior doors replaced, full interior design was supplied including decorating, flooring and furnishing.

Case Study 2



6 Bedroom Hmo Student House

£30,000 (Legal And Finance Fees Not Included)


£18,810 Over 11 Month Contract


a large six bedroom HMO student property which had been empty and needed complete refurbishment. Full project management was given to us on the property. The internal walls in bedrooms where replastered. Two new kitchens had to be fitted to conform to HMO regulations along with two new bathrooms. New furniture and new carpets throughout where fitted. Externally gardens had to be completely cleared. The outside of the house was repainted and gutters replaced.

Case Study 3


£40,000 at Auction

5 Bedroom Terrace House

£50,000 (Legal And Finance Fees Not Included)


£18,150 Over 11 Month Contract


A family three bedroom house which has been completely refurnished to make it into a four bedroom HMO student house. A Contractor was taken on to complete the project in three months to be ready for students moving in 1st September. The house was fitted with a new kitchen and bathroom. The extension flat roof had to be replaced. Replastering all internal walls and decorating. Interior design service provided with landlord to purchase new furniture, new flooring, externally the gardens had to cleared.

Case Study 4



6 Bedroom Family House

£40,000 (Legal And Finance Fees Not Included)

£135,000 Sale Price Of Ground Floor Flat

£159,000 Sale Price Of Top Flat If Sold

£975.00 Rental Value Of Upstairs Flat

£11,700 Over 11 Month Contract


A six bedroom family house converted into two flats. Ground floor was reconfigured into a two bedroom flat and the fist floor flat was made into a spacious three bedroom flat on two floors. When completed the ground floor flat was sold and two new leases created. Top flat has been rented to both professional and students. In the top flat the wall between lounge and kitchen opened up to make into open plan area. A new kitchen was fitted, the bathroom was completely refitted. Interior design service was given on purchasing new furniture, new flooring throughout. Walls where replastered and new internal doors where fitted. This three bed flat has now had an HMO license issued.

Case Study 5



Semi Commercial with Two Bed Flat

£19,000 (Legal And Finance Fees Not Included)
£110,000 for Flat | £ 40,000 For Commercial Unit

£975.00 – For Flat | £450.00 – Commercial Unit

£11,700 Flat | £ 5,400 Commercial | 12 Month Contract Commercial


A semi commercial property consisting of a two bedroom flat reconfigured to a three bedroom flat. Commercial unit remained the same. Full project management. The bathroom was made smaller and enabled the bedroom to be made into a double room. The kitchen was moved into the lounge and the old kitchen was made into another double bedroom. The attic room was knocked through to make one large double bedroom. A new Velux window was added to the bedroom. The large lounge was made into an open plan kitchen and lounge.

Case Study 6



Three Bedroom Family House

£30,000 (Legal And Finance Fees Not Included)


£14,300 11 Month Contract


A family three bedroom terrace house converted to four bedroom HMO student house. A contractor oversaw the whole project. The house was gutted, new wiring and plumbing was installed. A new bathroom, and a new kitchen where fitted. All the walls in the bedrooms and kitchen had to be replastered. Interior design service was provided with the decorating, new flooring and new furniture.



We have a lot more examples we can show you on buying property and obtaining an excellent yield on your investment.

We can be involved in as much or as little as you want. Some investors ask us to source the property, arrange for the complete refurbishment through to renting and managing without them ever seeing the property!

Some prefer to get our help on what houses to buy and then project manage the build themselves. They then pass the house back to us for renting and managing when the build has been completed. An annual visit to the property for an overview with our directors is encouraged to see how the property is looking and if additional works are required.

If you would like to know more please call Carole or Jenna on 02920 34 10 77